Private Individual Services

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Coaching, conversation support & mentor

Do you lose strength or do you struggle with depression or anxiety and you need to talk to someone? Do you feel stuck in a situation, and you need help to move on?

You know what, you’ve got it right. You will receive tips and guidance from me that will help you recreate the joy of life and inspiration in the right direction. You also get tools that give you purpose and motivation etc.

experience excellence

Self-leadership and personal development

I coach and offer self-leadership and personal development talks as well as training in leadership coaching. Package solution is available in the form of needs / challenges you can recognize in your situation.

I have helped and supported many clients in different situations:

You can be sure that you are now in good hands with me. My methods and skills in life and leadership coach, therapist, stress educator have worked for me and also many of my clients, so I am convinced that it will also work for you and you are not alone anymore.


Together with you, we evaluate and create a concrete plan for you to achieve your full potential and lay the foundation for a sustainable future.


What results do you get from Cang coaching:

Advice and suggestions for further personal development

I can also give you advice and suggestions on which of my packages is best for you for further personal development. Take the chance to develop and influence your personal choices in life.

My services are also available in English and digital services on Zoom or Skype, It’s all about personal service. My customers’ needs and quality service are a high priority 

Personlig tränare
Personlig utveckling
erfarenhet av spetskompetens

Vi hjälper DIG med allt från:

Utveckling från stress, ångest, trötthet och depression till minskad stress, frisk, alert och glad, vilket ökar effektiviteten och prestationen samt ökar lönsamheten.

Tillsammans med dig utvärderar och skapar vi en konkret plan för att du ska kunna nå din fulla potential och lägga grunden för en hållbar framtid.

Adaptation to the current situation

Right now, due to the prevailing pandemic and the restrictions and guidelines that exist, we have chosen to stick mostly to digital services via Zoom. Otherwise, we offer services both on site and digitally.

It’s all about personal and quality service where my customers’ needs are a high priority, Book your time now