Reshape Your Personalities and enhance Personal Development By Clementina Godwin

Reshape Your Personalities and enhance Personal Development By Clementina Godwin blog post

4 Ways to Improve Personal Development and Self Improvement Skills

Are you someone that knows precisely what personal development or self-improvement is all about? Or you are completely oblivious to both of these terms?

In whichever category you are, this article will either begin your journey for self-development, or it will help you level up your personal growth.

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4 Tips on Pesonal development and Self Improvement

1. Think before you speak

Self-discipline and thinking before you speak is a simple way to improve. However, many seem to find it hard. Some of us say the words at the wrong times, while some stay silent in difficult and unjust situations in life. Speaking the right words at the right time could be one of the most powerful tools for self-development.

By changing your attitude to things, you will find it easier to cope with life’s hardships.

2. Avoid harsh words and making fun of others

The main reason someone wants to hang out or have a healthy relationship with you is because you’re giving positive thoughts and feelings such as kindness, compassion, strength, and love. However, if they’re getting the opposite feelings from you, such as anger, criticism, negative thoughts, and anxiety, your relationship with the person, will start to diminish and eventually completely break.

3. Get rid of the bad habits as soon as possible

When going after personal development, many tend to change their habits for the better. However, they might also turn a blind eye to the bad habits in other self-development areas, such as the mental and emotinal area. As humans, we can be shallow and focus on the physical aspect of self-development because we want to be and look healthier. We might be completely disregarding the mental and emotional aspect, possibly the area that needs help the most.

By speaking to a therapist, you’ll be able to understand the workings of your brain and ultimately change your mental habits for the better, helping you lead a healthier life. At times, achieving happiness is directly related to changing your nature.

4. Be present

When discussing future plans, don’t put limitations such as when I reach this goal, I will be happy, or when I start doing this, I will be satisfied. Such thinking limits you from achieving true happiness today. Practice self-love and validation, be content in your own skin regardless your flaws. Be accountable, responsible and responsive to your environment.

While planning your future is essential for self-development, you have to also live in the present and start living the life you want today. When someone asks you why you’re happy, your answer should be because I’m breathing and I’m present here today. The moral of the story is don’t limit your happiness to future goals.

5 Areas of Personal Development

Let’s start with the basics of self-growth. There are 5 different areas for self-development, and they all somehow intertwine into each other, making it impossible to develop one and not the other.


The mental area of personal development is all about growing your mind and improving your thinking. This could be by taking a class about self-improvement, getting a life coach, reading a book, or watching a documentary.


By improving the social area, you’re breaking down walls between you and an audience or another stranger. This could be achieved by practicing public speaking skills, learning a new language, and being more interactive with the people around you and listening to them.


Spiritual, personal development doesn’t have the same meaning for everyone. Since we each have our own belief system, this part could look different for every individual. However, it has one primary goal; bringing peace into your life.

During spiritual, personal development, some would like to participate in a Bible study session, while others would read books about how nature and all the scientific phenomena got us here.


For the emotional personal development part, the aim is to understand our feelings and at some point works to get rid of the negative thoughts. Some ways to do that is by journaling or by talking to a therapist or a friend as a first step.


Against common belief, personal physical development isn’t just about exercise. A lot more is needed in this area, such as getting enough sleep (7-9 hours), checking up on your health at the doctor’s office, and working out.